Doğadan has always been perceived as an artisanal brand with strong expertise in nature, associated with a special world for consumers. Doğadan is universally recognized as a pioneer in the infusion category and credited with category creation.

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Our aim is to design packaging for existing and new herbal teas in Doğadan’s Büyülü Bohça, which draws attention to the demand for herbal and fruit tea. We carry the stories of flavored herbal and fruit teas in the Büyülü Bohça to the faces of the packages to make them look magical and premium.

While preparing for the work of the Büyülü Bohça project, we first researched the stories and tea ceremonies of tea plants in the world. We updated the tea stories with a magical narrative. By following the innovations in tea packaging design, we examined the positions of the teas in the market. We have tried to carry the magical world of 6 different herbal and fruit teas onto the packaging.

While designing new packaging, we added gold details and shine to make the existing packaging look more premium by keeping the black color constant. We made changes in the form of the packaging and brought the magical story of the teas to the sides with reference

We positioned the parts of plants and fruits in the teas on the front by referring to their colors. We made the distinctive flavors of one of the 6 different teas (Büyülü Bohça White Tea With, Cherry Blossom Flavoured Green Tea, Mango Flavoured Coconut Oolong Tea, Masala Chai Tea, Rooibos Vanilla Tea and Bergamot Flavoured Black Tea) visible on the packaging.

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