HP Healthcare

HP launched a product embraced the healthy technologies slogan. HP Healthcare products have blazed a trail in the healthcare industry with the technology and functions they contain. With its safe, hygienic and smart technology features, it offered healthcare professionals and patients a brand new experience.

  • Adwork
  • Film
  • Social Media

Our aim was introducing HP Healthcare products to the healthcare industry. To tell all healthcare professionals in realistic ways that product features make their lives easier, how they improve work efficiency and give importance hygiene and security at the highest level.

We have decided that the hospital is the best place to tell about HP Healthcare products to healthcare sector. Unlike usual commercials, we used documentary technique, which is a popular advertising technique in the world. The most important reason for shooting with documentary technique was to show how the hospital structure works and what medical staff cares about.

KA’s Touch
We chose our cast in the film from the actual hospital staff because the target audience was health workers and the messages need to be credible. We listened to real healthcare professionals how HP healthcare products are compatible with the hospital environment. The content consisted of hygiene, smart technology and security. When the medical staff talked about the hygiene, technology or security we saw the relevant images from the hospital. Documentary technique increased the feeling of reality.

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