NOBS is a design-oriented real estate-investment company in Los Angeles. Also, it’s Ka’s solution partner. The architects and engineers of NOBS are focused on increasing safety and investment return, using the latest technology and patented solutions, while enriching life style with its fine innovative design, they create areas that are sensitive to the environment.

  • Adwork
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Naming
  • Campaign Execution
  • Label Design

Taking its name from the phrase chickpea, room, broad bean, sofa, NOBS also reveals with its name that it has a useful and minimal understanding in architecture. For brand identity, it was necessary to keep to this understanding in all designs from name to logo.

We created a design that reflects the simplicity and useful architecture that the brand owns. We showed the minimal and useful architectural understanding of the company in new brand identity as naming, logo, web site and catalogue.

The brand name carries the minimal and practical architectural approach which comes from the phrase chickpea, room, broad bean, sofa means simplicity. This approach manifests itself in the logo too. The triangle represents the door, which constant part of the architectural drawing. The gold usage of the logo reunites the simplicity and elegant. Linear illustrations we used in the web site highlighted our architectural style based on simplicity. We continued to reflect the world of drawing in the catalog designed in a postcard manner.

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