RIXOS 20th Years


Rixos Hotels is one of the fastest-growing luxury hotel chains in the world with 25 hotels in 7 countries, including Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Russia, Croatia, Switzerland, and Kazakhstan.

  • Adwork
  • 360 Campaign

Our goal was to prepare a campaign for the Turkey-based group which celebrating its 20th anniversary. With this campaign we explained that it creates unforgettable and happy moments for its guests in all countries, with its all-inclusive & all exclusive service concept

We created a 360 campaign that told the guests about discoveries in Rixos. We used the door metaphor to symbolize opening up from one world to another, to what’s new, to excitement, to happiness, to fun, and to adventure. Doors described the endless services of Rixos and each door highlighted Rixos’ different USP’s.

We distinguished the Rixos’ privileges within the 20th year anniversary. Besides many of its unique privileges, we knew that #RixosMoments were the most desired and special property of the brand. It was an organic hastag created by the guests to define their own Rixos experience. So we created 20th anniversary campaign around the story of these RixosMoments.

We used “doors” as a metaphor that is opening up from one world to another. We designed different doors reflecting the different features of Rixos. Each door opened to different Rixos worlds. We customized the doors and also objects according to each guest profile’s Rixos experience. As the campaign slogan, we proceeded with “Discover your RixosMoments”. We derived the slogan for each USP based on the different privileges.


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